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Do you need to eliminate gluten completely?

Out of all the man-made foods in the world, it seems most individuals’ immune systems respond dramatically to wheat and gluten the most. There are well over 50 autoimmune diseases linked to gluten, why is this? In the 1970’s wheat was hybridised, it went from a short stumpy crop to a huge tall crop which had the ability to yield a lot more than the natural form. This resulted in the wheat being mass produced creating an extremely financially viable product.

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Why rice cereal may not be the best first foods for your baby

Every parent we have met wants the very best for their children. They want them to be happy, healthy and vibrant. Unfortunately, when it comes to food, the very things that we were given as children as staples or that we have given our babies as first foods (or regular foods) may not be as nutritious as we think.

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