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Poor posture doesn’t just look bad, it creates extra strain on muscles and joints, causes neck pain and headaches and has a range of associated health problems. We have seen a sharp increase in people with poor posture since the introduction of smartphones and tablets. Not surprisingly, kids are among the most common people we help with posture problems. 

People often think poor posture is caused by being ‘lazy’ but this isn’t the case. Bad habits can cause the spine to misalign in a way that makes it very hard to sit or stand upright. The person can often ‘force’ themselves to have good posture temporarily but as soon as they aren’t concentrating their body will flop forward again. 

As part of our Initial Assessment we take posture photos that we can use to measure progress. Chiropractic care is very effective at improving posture because not only do we give postural advice and exercises, we are able to gently realign the spine to make it easier and more natural to sit and stand upright.