Rib Pain

Rib pain and chiropractic.jpg

Your ribs are quite mobile and can become stuck or misaligned just like other joints in your body. Rib pain can be very painful and is often misdiagnosed. It can be felt as pain in the chest or in the back depending on where the ribs have become misaligned. 

Rib pain often goes unnoticed, getting blamed on muscles and the mid back. The ribs attach directly to the spine and  move in and out, up and down with every breath. Pain and dysfunction of the ribs can prevent the rib cage from expanding and allowing the lungs to fill to their maximum and making the simple act of breathing hard work.

At Family Chiropractic Bundaberg we assess rib motion with the body movement and with the breath, as well as there relation to the neck, mid spine, shoulders and diaphragm. Our chiropractors will work to find and correct the cause of dysfunction, allowing the ribs to move and function normally and you to breath easy.